Our Philosophy

The program for athletes, by athletes. We train and program with competitors in mind. Some competitors live to compete in actual competiton with others, some live to compete with themselves. We live to enrich others, we live to compete, we live to work harder.

Athletic Volume was created to give those that want more out their everyday program and to give purpose to their training. As a growing athlete, your skills must be broad and you must always be training for the unknown.  Our programming is written and designed with focused athletes in mind. We keep our program broad, but attack weakness with much direction. AV should be scaled and modified accordingly so athletes of every level can work towards increasing their strength, skills, and overall work capacity.  Our program is designed for athletes to train under high volume with the act of peaking / competing at the end of a training cycle.  We train 6 days on with a scheduled "rest day"/"active recovery day" on Sunday covering all domains of fitness, multiple times, during the week. We HIGHLY encourage training with others, as sometimes it takes added pressure and discomfort to get the best out of us. We feel it prepares you for competition that much better having others around to push you. Outside of this template it is the athletes individual responsibility to listen to his/her own body and rest/train accordingly. The program is best to be fully completed in 2 sessions to allow for maximum intensity brought to each piece of the program.  Be smart, train with a purpose, stay optimistic, and WORK HARDER.

1. MetCon

The preparation for the open and ANY style of competition truly starts with metcon's. You need strength, you need skill, you need gymnastics ability, you need conditioning, but putting it all together has a special place in crossfit and deserves much respect. The metcon almost ALWAYS holds the highest regard for the day, because crossfit's true essence can be found in the daily WOD. We find much inspiration from "mainsite" style workouts. Nothing beats the fundamentals and old school style hard work, something we take very much to heart at AV.

2. Strength

Strength is the beginning baseline in the sport of CrossFit. You must have a minimum work capacity to be able to advance to the elite level, so it is something we take very serious and spend lots of time on.  For this reason our programming is designed around various strength cycles that we might implement, squat, pull, push, olympic lifting, etc...  These cycles can last anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks in length and all conditioning and skill work is programmed to coincide with the strength elements and furthermore to allow those strength elements to take precedence in daily training.  When it is "off-season" there will be more time dedicated to hypertrophy and building tissue to allow us to build more strength.

3. Skill/Gymnastics

The best athletes in this sport have GREAT movement patterns.  Amongst the best athletes in the sport being the strongest guy in the room or the fastest is no longer enough.  Athletes that are well rounded, move well under any condition, and don't make mistakes are typically the ones at the elite level.  For this reason we put a great deal of emphasis on skill work and gymnastics conditioning. We have programs prepared for those that are looking to get better at any gymnastics movement. We always have a gymnastics focus for the day in our daily program and plan to excel at the "easy" stuff. We try to to do the easy things, uncommonly well.

4. Conditioning

Although conditioning is not listed first modality listed, it does NOT mean it isnt as important as the others.  In fact, once an athlete has reached an elite level of strength, and is proficient in their gymnastics, conditioning is the last and possibly most important peace of the puzzle. Part of CrossFit's definition of "fitness" is  comprised of an athlete's overall "work capacity".  Work capacity is increased through general and individualized conditioning.  As an athlete, are you prepared to lift light or heavy weights, perform for long or short periods of time and most importantly do you have the ability to adapt to random tasks of fitness that are presented to you? Conditioning allows you to work through the work at a more desirable rate. It's is usually the most overlooked, unsexy, part of the program, but it shotly becomes Athletic Volumes athletes greatest strength. The ability to HURT is something we take much pride in. Who wants to hurt more? It's a chip on our shoulder we take to every competition and always excel at.

5.) Accessory work

This is that extra 5% per year that all are searching for program after program, cycle after cycle. It isn't the "meat and potatoes" of the program, and should almost always be preformed last, but should never be overlooked. This is a time for you to really find your weak areas to target, refocus your efforts at the end of a hard training day,  and also a time to build on your days success.

6.) Mobility / movement

Stretch and actively move more. I once heard "If I were to give you a million dollars to be able to do a full split a year from today, what would you do?".... The answer is easy... split every single day. We take the same persistence into our movement and abilities. Be persistent on reducing your inabilities and you will close the gap on your competition faster than expected. If you're talking, stretch while talking. Watching TV, stretch. Doing work, stretch. Find time, there is always some hiding somewhere.

Being your own athlete

Listed above are Athletic Volume's general focuses in which all programming is based.  With what is outlined, each individual athlete is different and has a different set of individual strengths and weaknesses.  It is every athletes individual responsibility to prioritize appropriately to maintain those strengths and tackle all weaknesses head on.  Never neglect strengths and never shy away from weaknesses!  Always focus on being a well rounded athlete, as any weakness will always come to show when you least want it to.